State of the art lectures on the use of Ultra-Short Implants / 12 Speakers

from 9 different countries / Pre- Congress Sessions on Friday in German

and Italian with English translation  / Gala Dinner  with music at the

Castle  / Fashion Outlet shopping nearby  / On Sunday visit Lake Como

or relax by the Castle’s pool.   




Prof. Dr. Dr. Rolf Ewers / Prof. Dr. Mauro Marincola

Dr. Vincent J. Morgan / Prof. Dr. Constantinus Politis




Jihad Abdallah, Luca De Micheli, Rolf Ewers, Santiago Férnandez

Sanchéz, Jaime Javier Guzman, Stefan Konig, Mauro Marincola,

Vincent J. Morgan, Laura Murcko, Paolo Perpetuini, Constantinus

Politis, Geoffrey Pullen.




Giuseppe Claudio Carbonaro, Stefano Carelli, Andrea Cicconetti, Giorgio

Lombardo, Davide Mani, Mattia Redaelli.

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